2017-2018 Class Sessions - Basics of Our Christian Faith

Class Overview

Class Schedule (Reading Assignments)

Memory Work Schedule Revised January 2018

Sermon Notes - 14 sermon notes completed for each student.

The two books needed for the class are "Luther's Small Catechism with Explaination" and "Keeping the Faith". Both books are provided by St. John.

The Sacraments Quiz - Due April 22, 2018

Final Quiz - Due Wednesday May 2, 2018

8th Grade Essay Project guidelines and schedule

Essay Worksheet
Schedule for Essays 2018
  • April 8 - Rough Draft of Essay due (please turn in a hard copy of the essay, hand written or typed and it can be emailed as well.)
  • April 22 - Final copy of Essay due (typed and printed copy turned in)
  • May 4 - Essay Presentations at 6:30 pm at St John


Confirmation instruction is for 7th and 8th graders and their parents.

Two years of instruction
  • Bible Overview (Chronologically cover the major themes and stories of the Bible)
  • Basics of Our Christian Faith (Martin Luther's Small Catechism)

Confirmation is a rite of passage for our youth where they are instructed in the Christian faith in which they were Baptized and to which now they will make a personal commitment to claim this faith as their own.