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Remembering Our Baptism


This Sunday, January 14, our Gospel Lesson is about Jesus' baptism. God's gift of baptism is precious as it brings life and salvation to each of us. As part of our worship we will be remembering our own baptisms in a special way!

Come join us as we celebrate God's gift of baptism!
Worship is at 9:00 am

How God Blessed Outreach at St John 2017


Sometimes it’s helpful to look back and see the many ways God blessed us during the previous year. God is working through the Outreach Ministry at St. John and we are sure He will use His mighty hand to continue to bless our efforts into 2018 and beyond.

2017 Outreach Events

February 5 – The Shack Movie and Discussion Event

April 29 – Outreach Task Force Introductory Meeting

May 5 – Outreach Task Force Begins

April 22 – Saturday Outreach Training Event, Godspace: Where Spiritual Conversations Happen Naturally

June 4 – Family Reunion Sunday Outdoor Worship & Picnic

June 29 – Pastor Hernandez Open Forum & Ice Cream Social

June 30 – Pastor Hernandez Leadership Dinner

July 1 – Pastor Hernandez Planting Gospel Seeds by Meeting Human Needs Neighborhood Outreach

July 2 – Pastor Hernadez preaches at St John

July 29 – Popcycle handout at Firemen’s Games

August 5 – St. John’s Ice Cream dessert at St. Johnsburg Firehouse Picnic

September 16 – Hearts and Hands Breakfast

September 17 – Prayer Cards Handout for School Families

October 22 – St John Breakfast & Baskets for Service Workers Servant Event

December 3 – Free Childcare for School Families event

December 12 – Hearts and Hands Training

December 14 – Grief Workshop at St John

December 18 – St John booth at Vendor Fair

Other efforts

  • Church email-sign up campaign
  • Spiritual Gifts inventory campaign
  • Post cards to members and visitors
  • Welcome gifts to visitors


Bible Studies January 2017

Revelation Bible Study

Resuming our study on Wednesday, January 3 at 7:00pm

More information about the Revelation study HERE

Getting to Know Jesus Bible Study

How can you possibly understand all that the Bible teaches?

Getting to Know Jesus connects the dots between knowing the right Bible answers and having a real relationship with Jesus Christ. The six core teachings in Martin Luther’s Small Catechism summarize the most critical truths of the Bible. However, the heart of the Bible is not just to know the right answers; it is to know Jesus.

The book draws on the author’s personal experience as a pastor by presenting:

  • A clear understanding of how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • A user-friendly explanation of six core teachings of the Bible
  • Practical ways to talk about your faith in Jesus with family and friends

Getting to Know Jesus will help you discover a deeper meaning in worship, prayer, Bible study, and personal devotions and be more deeply connected to Jesus.

Bible Study based on the book at St John Lutheran Church in 2018

Week 1                 January 7             Intro/Chapter 1, p. 1-36

Week 2                 January 14           Chapter 2, p. 37-57

Week 3                 January 21           Chapter 3, p. 59-66

Week 4                 January 28           Chapter 4, p. 67-78

Week 5                 February 4           Chapter 5, p. 79-88

Week 6                 February 11        Chapter 6, p. 89-98

Week 7                 February 18        Chapter 7, p. 99-108

Week 8                 February 25        Chapter 8, p. 109-116

Week 9                 March 4                Chapter 9, p. 117-125

Facebook Online Discussion Group

Getting to Know Jesus: Using the Six Core Teachings of the Bible to Grow in a Deeper Relationship with Jesus. By Paul Schult

  • Cost $12 for print copy  (payable to St John Lutheran Church)
  • Available in Kindle format on Amazon


Christmas at St John 2017

Christmas Eve Services, 9:00 am and 5:30 pm, Christmas Day Service at 10:00 am

Children's Christmas Program 2017

This Sunday, December 17 at our 9:00 am worship service our Sunday school children will be sharing the story of Christmas.


Getting to Know Jesus


by Sara Borgstede

I want to know Jesus.

For all my life, I’ve known about Jesus. Baptized as a baby, my parents took me to church every Sunday. I grew up knowing about Jesus from church, Sunday School, and Christian school. This foundational teaching is a blessing beyond measure.

Yet knowing about Jesus is so different from knowing Jesus.

I have read Bible stories.

I’ve memorized Scripture verses.

Yet do I have a personal, deep relationship with Jesus?

I remember when I first met my husband. We spent hours on the phone getting to know one another. (Remember, this was pre-email and we lived several states apart.) More than once, we spent all night on the phone, and this was when long-distance phone calls were expensive. I remember hearing my dad get up early for work, and I knew I was in big trouble because I was still on the phone from the night before!

I was willing to suffer the consequences of those phone all-nighters – falling asleep in class the next day, paying the huge phone bill, and getting in trouble with my parents, all because I craved getting to know this important new man in my life.

I wanted to know all the facts about my new boyfriend – what’s his favorite color? What toppings does he eat on his pizza? But even more, I wanted to know him. What are his hopes and dreams for the future? What are his deepest convictions?

In the same way, I desire that deep relationship with my Savior and Lord, Jesus.


Beginning January 2018 we will be using the book Getting to Know Jesus for a Sunday morning (10:15 am at St John) and online Bible Study (Facebook Group) led by Sara Borgstede

Check HERE for more information, schedule, how to join the online discussion.


You can purchase the book at St. John for $12 or click HERE to purchase on Amazon print or Kindle

Preparing for Christmas, December 2017


We need your help telling others about our Christmas celebration at St. John

On Saturday, December 9 we are going to deliver invitation to our Christmas Eve and Day worship services to our neighbors.
We will meet at 9:00 am at St John.
It is a very simple task and the more people we get the fast it will go. And did I say pizza will be served?!!

Christmas Caroling

On Sunday, Decemeber 10 we will be going to our home bound members to sing Christmas Carols.
What a great way to get into the Christmas spirit and share joy with some of our members!
Meet at St. John at 5:00 pm

Midweek Advent Worship

Wednesdays at 7:00 pm