While we will still be enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers the season of Advent begins!
Sunday, December 1st we begin our Advent journey to Christmas, celebrating Jesus' birth. 
One tradition for individuals and families is to have a special devotional time either daily or weekly, marking the days until Christmas. Here are some resources to help make Advent special this year:

  • Advent devotional booklet from Lutheran Hour Ministries - this daily devotional, "Call His Name Jesus," takes just a few minutes each day and can be used privately, with a family or small group. Click HERE (Call His Name Jesus) to download a copy you can print or just read on your computer (HERE is an eReader version, Call His Name Jesus)
  • A Nativity Coloring Craft - This craft allows a family to color and put together a simple Nativity scene to be used during Advent and Christmas time. We will provide the basic kit with instructions at St John that you can pick up. (we will also be sending a kit home for each family at school before Thanksgiving.)
  • Our Worship services for December will focus on the Advent theme "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" as we see Old Testament names for the Messiah and prepare to celebrate Jesus birth at Christmas. We have traditional worship each Sunday at 9:00 amd and a more informal worship time each Wednesday at 7:00 pm. 

Blessings this Advent and Christmas season!