On Sunday, we were reminded of the importance of Solus Christus or Christ Alone. Our salvation is in Christ- not in anything that we do. When we love and serve others, however, we point to Christ who first loved and served us.
Last month, St. John forged a partnership with Hearts and Hands, a non-profit organization serving elderly and disabled adults in WNY by means of volunteers. Hearts and Hands is new to Niagara County and their partnership with St. John, officially, brought them to Wheatfield.
Volunteering for Hearts and Hands is an easy and non-threatening way to demonstrate the love of Christ. A care receiver is linked with a volunteer care giver to complete a specific task. That might be a ride to the doctor or grocery store, a friendly visit, or help with a household task. Whether you can help a neighbor once a week, once a month, or once a year- there’s an opportunity for everyone!
This Fall, we’ll be holding a 1.5 hour training at St. John for Hearts and Hands volunteers. The training is will adequately prepare volunteers for an excellent volunteer experience. We’d love for you to join us. First, complete your application (including your specific preferences) and background check (at no cost to you): Hearts and Hands boasts volunteering made easy. We like to think of it as loving made easy!
In Christ Alone,
St. John Senior Outreach Committee