How can it be that we are in our 4th quarter of the school year?  We are just so pleased that God has given us an opportunity to be in the building and sharing the Gospel to our students daily.  We are pleased with the academic growth that we see in our students.  The partnership between home and school has been a significant factor in the success of the school year.  The staff continues to amaze me with all they do.  We thank the church and school families for continued prayers and support.

Did you know?

  • Our school families fed over 50,000 children with offerings given to the Orphan Grain Train in the last 10 weeks.  Our new Chapel mission for the last quarter of the school year is L.A.M.P (Lutheran Association for Missionary Pilots).  There is more information on the bulletin board in the main hallway.  If any church members would like to support this ministry of sharing the LIGHT of Jesus to remote places in northern Canada, please send your donation to the school office.
  • The LCMS National Accreditation Site Visit Team will review our self study documentation, interview teachers, staff and students, and complete an evaluation for accreditation this Wednesday-Friday.  We look forward to hosting this group of dedicated church/school workers.
  • We have a number of extra-curricular activities taking place at St. John:  Yo-yo Club, Kindergarten-5th grade basketball clinic, and Volleyball.
  • We celebrated the time and talents of many volunteers on a snowy morning this past week.  Our first ever, drive through, Volunteer Appreciation Celebration!

"Sent to Serve... with Gladness!" Psalm 100:2

God bless you all!