Give Online

You can now give to St. John online. This is a safe and secure way for you to give either a one-time donation or schedule ongoing contributions to St. John. You can also see your contribution history when you create an account, which is quick and easy.

There are several choices under Select Fund:

  • K-8 Tuition - School Tuition payments for K-8 education
  • Donations (Gen Op) - Church general operating fund (Use this choice unless you have a specific fund you are paying/donating too.)
  • Building Fund - Fund specifically for paying down mortgage and for building projects
  • Latchkey - School - before and after school care
  • Financial Aid Donation - Fund specifically for helping school families with the cost of tuition
  • Pre-K Tuition - School Tuition payment for Pre-K program
  • Pre-K Registration - School - only registration payments once a year
  • K-8 Registration - School - only registration payments once a year

To get started click on the "Sign In / Sign Up" button below and follow the instructions given. In just a few short minutes you can set up an account and be ready to give online. You also have the option to give a one-time gift without creating an account.

You can also give to St. John through your mobile device by downloading the Give+ app both for iPhone and Android (Google Play Store) phones.

For more information click here

Watch this video to see how to use the mobile app for Give +