Our Church & School Staff

Our teachers are highly qualified and extremely committed to the overall success of their students both academically and spiritually. They are dedicated to serve God and the children in their care. Our staff embraces the ministry of our school and dedicates themselves to the role that they have been called to serve in at St. John.

Rev. Michael Borgstede 

Mrs. Katie Gundell 

Assistant Church & School Administrator
Mrs. Terrie Licht

Church Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Lacey Bahr

Preschool 3
Miss Katie Marzano

Preschool 4
Mrs. Jessica Chambers

Mrs. Heidi Sue McCormick

Grade 1
Mrs. Adrienne Orlowski

Grade 2
Mrs. Kathleen Ward

Grade 3
Mrs. Julianne Kropczynski


Grade 4
Mrs. Kristy Messing

Grade 5
Mrs. Anneliese Plyler

Grade 6 Homeroom/History/ Math
Mrs. Connie Craig

Grade  7 Homeroom/Science/ Technology
Mr. Rick Lyons

Grade 8 Homeroom/ELA
Mrs. Erica Redmond

Grades 6, 7 & 8 Spanish
Mrs. Anastacia Minniefield

Tater the Therapy Dog



Choir Dirctor
Mr. Bill Cook


Mrs. Bonnie Nevans

Academic Intervention Services
Miss Taylor Huff

Mr. Sal Ciffa

Lunch Program Director
Mrs. Sandra Gannon

Teacher Assistant
Ms. Bekah Borgstede

Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Katelyn Pantano

Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Mary Redding


Teacher Assistant & Lathkey Director
Ms. Valerie Nicholas

Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Melanie Richards



Latchkey Assistants
Mrs. Donna Black
Mrs. Virginia Markel
Mrs. Sandy Watt
Mrs. Samantha North

Mr.David Manth

Mr. Steve Parisi