Mission and Vision

We are a congregation of people who trust in the Triune God, called into being by the Holy Spirit through God's Word and Sacrament for the purpose of making people disciples of Jesus Christ. We profess and adhere to the historic Christian faith as it is expressed in the Holy Scriptures and explained in the ecumenical creeds of the holy Christian Church and the Lutheran Confessional writings.
We believe and confess that we are saved by God's grace alone through the death of His Son Jesus for our sins and that the only source and basis of our knowledge of God is His inspired and perfect book, the Holy Bible.
Our life as God's people centers around worship of Him, Christian fellowship with one another, Christian education and service to God and one another.
We are affiliated with The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, and we exist as a congregation of this church body to proclaim to our community and world God's saving love in Jesus Christ our risen and living Lord.